Privacy policy


  1. This Privacy Policy defines the rules for personal data processing acquired from the Internet shop (hereinafter defined as: "Shop").
  2. Martech Hennig GP entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs, under KRS number 0000513764 with the main office in Żarów (later referred to as, is the owner and data administrator of the Shop.
  3. makes the best efforts to protect the privacy of the customers of the Shop.

§ 1 How do we acquire the data?

  1. collects information regarding every natural person conducting a legal transaction not related directly to its activities, and every natural person running business or performing professional activity on their own behalf, as well as, every natural person representing a legal entity or other entities not functioning as legal entities, but which hold legal capacity under the relevant Acts and run business or professional activity on their own behalf, later collectively referred to as Clients.
  2. Personal data of Clients are collected as a result of:
    • Shop account registration;
    • when making an order;
    • Subscribing to the Newsletter.
  3. Upon account registration the Clients provide their:
    • e-mail address;
    • Name and Surname.
  4. The Clients set their account password individually upon account registration. The Client can later change the password as described in §4.
  5. Upon making an order the Clients provide the following information:
    • e-mail address;
    • address:
      • postal code and city;
      • country;
      • Street name and number;
      • Name and Surname;
      • Phone number.
  6. If the client runs a business, the following information is also required:
    • Company name;
    • VAT number.
  7. If the Client is interested in receiving the Newsletter then s/he is only required to provide the e-mail address.
  8. While browsing the Shop's pages additional information might be recorded, in particular: IP address of the Client's computer or the external IP address of the ISP, domain name, browser name, access time and the OS type.
  9. Information regarding the Client's browsing history on the Shop's websites, including the clicked links might be monitored as well.

§ 2 For what purpose do we collect this data?

  1. The personal data provided by the Client during the account registration is used for the purpose of creating and maintaining the individual User's account.
  2. Only when the Client buys products from our Shop and chooses a relevant delivery method can the personal data be forwarded to the chosen delivery company.
  3. The navigation data can provide us with useful information used for the purpose of improving our service and adjusting the website to the preferences of Clients, as well as for statistical analysis and administration purposes.
  4. If a Client makes a Newsletter subscription, will continue sending e-mails with information regarding the special offers and new products available in the Shop.

§ 3 Cookies, IP address

  1. The Shop makes use of small files, called cookies. Cookies are saved on the Client's computer upon visiting the website of the Shop, provided that the Internet browser allows that. A cookie file usually contains its source domain name, its "expiration time" and an a random individual number which identifies the particular file. Information collected with the help of cookies helps adjust their products to the individual preferences and actual needs of users visiting the Shop. This also allows to generate general traffic stats for the presented products.
  2. uses two types of cookies files:
    • Session cookies: Every information contained in cookies will be deleted automatically when the browser session ends or user shuts down the computer. The session cookies' mechanism does not allow to download any personal data or confidential information from the computer of the Client.
    • Permanent cookies: Remain in the Client's computer's hard drive until expiration or manual deletion. The permanent cookies' mechanism does not allow to download any personal data or confidential information from the computer of the Client.
  3. uses Cookies for the purpose of:
    • Client authentication in the Shop and saving the current session of the Client (after logging in), so that s/he does not have to repeatedly relog when entering a new sub page of the Shop;
    • analyzing, research and viewing audits, and especially creating anonymous statistics which help to understand how do the Clients use the Shop website, in order to improve its structure and contents.
  4. uses external cookies for the purpose of:
    • collecting general information and anonymous statistical data by means of the Google Analytics analytical tools (external cookies administrator: Google Inc with the seat in the USA);
  5. The cookies' mechanism is safe and does not pose any threat for the Clients' computers. It is not possible to have the Client's computer infected with a virus or endangered by any other kind of unwanted or malicious software. However, it is possible to disable the cookies via the browser's settings. By doing so it will still be possible to navigate and use the Shop's features, save for those features which require cookies to function properly.
  6. Below, means of changing the cookies-related settings of the most popular browsers are described briefly::
  7. may record the IP addresses of Clients. An IP address is a number assigned to a computer by the ISP (Internet Service Providers) from which the Shop's website is visited. This number enables Internet access. In most cases it is assigned on a dynamic basis, that is, the number is different every time the Internet connection gets established, which is why it is generally treated as a impersonal identification info. The IP addresses are used by when diagnosing the technical problems with the server, creating statistical analyses (e.g. determining the regions which are the strongest sources of web traffic on the Shop website), or as information useful during the administration and improvements of the Shop, as well as, for security purposes and identification of unwanted, malicious programs which overload and slow down the website.
  8. The Shop contains links to other websites, which follow their privacy protection rules for which does not hold any responsibility.

§ 4 Data access and security

  1. Personal data collected by via the Shop web service are processed in accordance with in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2014, Item 1182, as amended).
  2. Only the authorized personnel has access to the personal data of the Shop Clients.
  3. Personal data of the Clients can be forwarded to other entities pursuant to legal regulations or with the consent of the Client. The entities mentioned above are listed in paragraph: "For what purpose do we collect this data?".
  4. enables their Clients to freely access and modify their personal data included in their Shop accounts. Access and modification of the personal data in the account is only possible after logging in.
  5. The Clients can choose to delete their data from the database. can refuse the request of removing the Client's data if the said Client has infringed the terms of use and the personal data is necessary to explain the circumstances and determine the responsibility regarding that infringement, especially when attempting to pursue claims from the individual Client.
  6. In case of cancellation of the Newsletter the Client has the option of removing his/her e-mail address from the mailing list.
  7. If a Client has forgotten or somehow lost the password to the account, a new password can be generated. will not send a password-reminder message. The password is encrypted so as to make it unintelligible for any third party. In order to generate a new password you have to enter your e-mail in the form below "I forgot my password" present next to the account log-in form. The Client will receive an message (on the e-mail address used for registration and use of the Shop account) containing a link redirecting to a special dedicated form on the Shop website where it will be possible to set a new password.
  8. never sends any mail nor e-mails with a request to share the log-in data to the Client's account.

§ 5 Privacy Policy Change

  1. The Privacy Policy might undergo changes, of which will inform its Clients 7 days in advance.
  2. Please ask any Privacy Policy-related questions via e-mail: [email protected]
  3. Last modified on: 8 October 2015